Events during corona time

By Karla Barreto. Published 23-July-2020

Since the beginning of 2020, our world has changed in a very drastic way. We are all part of a new reality; our daily activities have been adapted while we are waiting for news about how to behave. But what about events?

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With the outbreak of Covid-19 all kinds of events were forbidden in almost every country. Weddings, graduations, team buildings, kickoffs, cultural displays, festivals, conferences, sports and so on, were cancelled immediately, leaving the users with a blank space inside. It does not matter if someone is introvert or extrovert, at some point we all need to connect with others and the pandemic has made it harder for everyone.

The extreme quarantine that was established by the governments has made people cut off their social relationships and activities, we went from an active social life to be completely isolated and this has caused repercussions to our mental and physical health. Symptoms such as sleep disorder, nightmares, apathy and a rollercoaster of emotions can now be related to a new concept called “jet lag covid”. That is why returning to our life is important, keep working with people, make plans with our friends and family; this is not only for entertainment but is a key part of our mental health.

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But what is coming next? Is everything going to be as before? Well…we are all trying our best to return to the life we know and love, but it is a fact that in our new reality some adjustments have to be made. In the specific topic of events, suppliers have applied new regulations to adapt and protect their customers. Now, and in the near future we have to live with the use of antibacterial hand gel, facemasks and keep safe distance in order to be able to attend our social gatherings and events. Even though many have changed to virtual events, this might not replace completely the feeling of a real gathering. At this point we don’t have many options, but only to follow instructions and do our best. Will everything be as before? Will these new regulations prevail in the long future? Give us your thoughts about this topic 😀

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