The reality of an event planner

By Karla Barreto. Published 22-August-2020

Planning an event is a stressful job and not everyone can handle all the pressure that is involved. That is why the persons who choose this as a profession must have an extraordinary set of skills that includes but is not limited to multitasking, flexibility, creativity, and great level of organization.

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Most of us have tried to face this demon and plan our events, call it a conference, a party or just a friendly meeting, but suddenly we noticed that it was more than just creating a list and confirming it. It is then when activities that we never thought of before appears and makes it all so much more complicated than expected.

An experienced event planner has the ability to deal with different events at the same time, and those events can be in different phases, while some of them are just being started, others are getting the final details to be ready. It is when we notice how hard it is to handle. They must deal with suppliers, trials, reminders, quotations, deadlines and as if that were not enough, they must do it faster and cheaper than before. Because who does not like to have a dream event that does not exceed the budget. The market has become demanding of high quality and low prices and at the same time it has become challenging to find adequate new suppliers, leaving the planner with a few amount of names on his booklet to do the job.

Crafting an event is an art, each one of them is unique and live a life of their own. At the same time, they face unexpected things like the weather, that can give a 360° spin of the entire situation. The unforeseen is what the planner must be prepared for and talent plays an important role on that. At the end of the day, they are responsible for every little detail and they make sure all the attendees have a great experience, no matter of all the obstacles. As Jung Lee, an American celebrity event planner said, “Just because you have planned something doesn’t mean it is going to happen.”

The truth is that this job is hard, stressful, and demanding, that's why event planners shall take advantage of technology, to make their activities more efficient and convenient. Nevertheless, this is not as easy as it sounds, because not all digital platforms are reliable and secure. At the end, the planners will be playing with their own reputation, which is important to protect and even improve. For them, a trustworthy and efficient platform might be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that will add even more value to their services.

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